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The BrainView NS Pro system is a cutting-edge, hardware and software system that allows for an objective and neuro functional measurement using the electroencephalogram activity of the brain (EEG), electrocardiogram activity of the heart (ECG), visual and auditory processing speeds (evoked potentials), and subjective neuropsychological survey.

The BrainView NS Pro system is a device designed to help physician to aid in diagnosis effectively measure biomarkers related to seizures, to memory loss, cognitive impairment, and other stress-related neurological conditions. A neuro-functional physiology report of the results is provided, data summary, raw data, and images.

The BrainView NS Pro system is portable, easy-to-use, non-invasive, and pain-free.

The BrainView NS Pro system enables physician to obtain a collection of the patientís neuro-physiological biomarkers, which profile the patientís neurological function. This allows the physician to gain additional clinical information vital to making a well-informed patient-care decision.

NeuroCognitive Functional Assessment

Memory loss and other cognitive disorders can occur at any age for a variety of reasons, including: stress, dementia, head injury, sleep disorders, and pain. At the primary care level, current testing lacks the sensitivity and specificity to make accurate patient assessments. Until recently, it has been difficult to objectively assess patients for cognitive impairment due to the lack of specificity.

There is an increased need for physician to test neuro-function due to the aging population, the prevalence of stress and pain, and increased awareness of the impact of head injuries on cognition. Memory loss and cognitive symptoms can occur outside of normal age-associated memory loss. When assessing a head injury, physician must be sure to accurately assess brain function in order to avoid legal repercussions. Without proper diagnosis, a head injury can have a severe negative impact on patient outcomes. Patients that are cognitively impaired can present with symptoms of confusion, forgetfulness, "brain fog," and functional impairment.

The BrainView NS Pro system enables the physician to quickly and objectively assess biomarkers to aid in diagnosis memory loss and cognitive impairment in the office. As the population ages, the prevalence and impact of cognitive impairment can have a significant effect on individuals, families, and society as a whole, A decline in cognitive abilities is now believed to be a process that occurs over 20 to 30 years, eventually leading to poor cognitive outcomes. Cognitive testing as early as the age of 45 can be beneficial. Current paper-based assessments used in primary care have difficulty determining the dementia subtype, resulting in less successful treatment outcomes. As many as 86% of deceased patients suffering from dementia were misdiagnosed with Alzheimerís Disease. The BrainView NS Pro system can help assess patients biomarkers to aid in diagnosis up to 15 years prior to the onset of symptoms. Early detection of cognitive disorders allows for quicker treatment of the associated causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, thyroid problems.

The BrainView NS Pro aids in the assessment of both the Central Nervous Systems (CNS) and Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS). The function of the CNS is determined through EEG activity, while the ANS is objectively assessed simultaneously through the ECG.

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What is the BrainView NS Pro System?

The BrainView NS Pro system is both a hardware and software system that utilizes a 21-channel EEG. The assessment requires the patient to complete a neuropsychological questionnaire, which provides information to the physician for consideration in their diagnosis. Essentially, the BrainView NS Pro System provides a Ďlab testí for the brain that can be performed in a doctor's office to assess for potential cognitive disorders. Each test is processed into an easily understandable report that includes brain biomarkers. These biomarkers are determined using a EEG, brain processing speed (event-related potentials).

Practical Benefits:

  • May Improve clinical outcomes through early, objective assessment
  • Quick and easy functional assessment in the office
  • Uses ANS/HRV, EEG, and ERP biomarkers
  • Empowers the physician to initiate necessary treatment early
  • Allows initiation of effective treatment options, altering the path of the disease state

How does it work?

The BrainView NS Pro system works well in a variety of patient care settings. By aiding physicians in early and accurate diagnosis, this testing is extremely beneficial to patients. A medical assistant or member of the office staff can easily be trained to perform the test. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare the patient and 25 minutes to perform the test. The test consists of an initial questionnaire, a simple functional assessment of patient response. Free patient marketing materials and full training are provided to all necessary staff with ongoing support.

The NeuroScan system is an easy-to-use diagnostic biomarkers tool to aid in diagnosis that is vital to the assessment of memory disorders. Any physician caring for patients that are suffering from pain, stress, a head injury, or aging can benefit from offering this service. This test provides valuable and easy-to-interpret results that can lead to targeted treatment outcomes and positively impact patientsí lives.

BrainView NS Pro System Benefit

The test takes 25 minutes, so it is perfect for primary care and specialty physicians caring for patients with symptoms of memory loss.

Before the BrainView NS Pro system, the only brain assessment technology available that used EEG was not portable, used complicated accompanying software, and was not practical to use in a busy medical practice. The ability to rapidly, inexpensively, and reliably measure the functional health of the brain is important in regard to identifying numerous medical conditions. BrainView NS Pro was born from our vision to develop a wireless, automated, rapidly deploying brain function measurement and treatment system that was also non-intrusive and low-cost.

The BrainView NS Pro system is a wireless 21-channel EEG and ERP amplifier that includes a dedicated laptop, testing supplies, and carrying case. The system utilizes high-quality circuit boards and components in order to allow for high-quality brain measures (EEG, ERPs), as well as important heart data.

The BrainView NS Pro system is designed for technicians with any experience level to reliably record EEG ERPs and symptom inventories that are then analyzed and processed into useful reports that assist the physician with evaluating patient conditions and changes to the treatment plan. The system utilizes 21 sensors over the entire scalp, allowing for accurate source localization imaging of areas within the brain. This can help determine the source of patient symptoms, as well as potential targeted treatments.

The BrainView NS Pro system is, by far, the easiest tool to use to aid when diagnosing memory loss and other cognitive disorders. It also has the added benefit of offering EEG and heart rate variability, making it an ideal instrument in primary or specialist care facilities for the assessment and treatment of a wide range of patients.

The BrainView NS Pro system is dedicated to developing and delivering the most important advances in brain science by solving the current gap in comprehensive brain assessments and training solutions. Because the brain orchestrates the actions of every system in the body, it is vital to provide a simple, low-cost functional brain test that can be provided in the office as part of a wellness visit and certainly should be provided if there are signs or symptoms detected in the clinical interview.

By providing world-class service, BrainView NS Pro has marked its territory in the industry and is gaining popularity and strong support of the international medical research community.

The non-invasive, low-cost. and easy to obtain EEG ERP measures allow for rapid biomarker detection. The BrainView NS Pro system allows the doctor to visualize locations in the brain that are not functioning optimally and that may correlate to the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

The standard system includes:

  • A workstation with an EEG 21-channel amplifier
  • Assessment and treatment software
  • Two reusable EEG caps
  • Package of cloud-based reports (one report per patient)
  • Assessment and treatment supplies
  • Secure physicianís web portal access

An Easy-to-use, Objective Tool to Help Identify memory loss biomarkers to aid in diagnosis

These technologies include:

  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Event-Related Potential (ERP)

The BrainView NS Pro system is a Class II medical device that is US FDA 510(K) cleared. It is intended for the acquisition, display, and storage, of electrical activity of a patientís brain including electroencephalograph (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERP) obtained by placing two or more electrodes on the head to aid in diagnosis.

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Biomarkers to aid for earlier detection of memory loss and dementia.