NeuroTrace Wireless EEG System

Ambulatory Wireless EEG/PSG Recorder

The NeuroTrace Wireless EEG devices are designed to ensure most efficient and simple day-to-day workflow due to an easy operation at routine EEG studies, advanced software with multiple analysis options and easily customizable interface.
  • Full set of polygraphic channels for PSG recording.
  • High-quality 21-channel EEG acquisition with up to 1000 Hz sampling rate.
  • One battery charge is enough for more than 24-hour acquisition in the autonomous mode.
  • Up to thousand hours of exams can be saved to SD memory card with up to 32 GB size.
  • Synchronous video recording using network cameras. Fully autonomous recorder allows performing the exams with video monitoring ambulatory. (optional)
  • Wi-Fi Wireless connection makes patients feel comfortable during the exam and allows EEG specialist to perform real-time EEG analysis.
  • Continuous impedance measurement during the acquisition allows keeping proper electrode placement in good time.
  • Control of recorded data with on-line detection of epileptiform activity and calculation of vital parameters (HR, airflow rate, SpO2).
  • Warning message to notify when patient's parameters exceed the specified level is sent to preset e-mail. It allows EEG specialist to control patient's state all the time.
  • NeuroTrace Wireless EEG creates a backup copy of performed exam on SD memory card to avoid information loss even if patients leave Wi-Fi zone.
Routine and Long Term EEG Exams - 21 EEG channels with video EEG monitoring.
PSG - Full set of PSG channels in compliance with AASM recommendations with possibility of synchronous video monitoring.
Cardiorespiratory Monitoring - Airflow channel, ECG channel, SpO2 channel, snoring channel, body position channel, chest and abdominal movement channel.

Device Specification

  • 21 EEG channels
  • 3 ECG channels
  • 2 EMG channels
  • Channel for snoring sensor
  • Channel for airflow thermistor sensor
  • Channel for chest movement sensor
  • Channel for abdominal movement sensor
  • Channel for airflow pressure sensor (cannula)
  • SpO2 and PPG (photoplethysmography)
  • Built-in body position sensor
  • Event Button
  • Wi-Fi and USB Connectivity
Clinical EEG system allows making several EEG/PSG recordings simultaneously. Patients can move freely during their exams.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Advantages

High-quality EEG Acquisition
The high sampling rate (up to 1 000 Hz) allows recording EEG signal in full frequency band without certain "swallowing "of sharp EEG components or abrupt amplitude reduce.
With the low noise level, the most spare EEG filtration is applied or the filtration is not done at all that saves maximum useful information in the raw signal.

Operation in Unshielded Room
The digital NeuroTrace Wireless EEG EEG systems can be used in any unshielded room saving considerably the specialist's workplace preparation costs, increasing the staff's operation convenience and ensuring patient's comfort.

Impedance Indication on EEG System
Often the digital EEG system and the computer to process and analyze the obtained signals are located in neighbor rooms or even far from each other.
The impedance indicators on the front panel allow monitoring the signal quality during the electrode placement staying near a patient.

Socket to Attach the Electrode Cap
No adapters or other facilities are required to connect the electrode cap. Just plug it in a standard EEG system socket.

ERP Custom Simulation Procedure
The visual, auditory and pattern stimulators are designed to perform different stimulation procedures during EEG test and also record long-latency and cognitive evoked potentials.

Optional Channels
Four polygraphic channels are intended to perform PSG studies (to record ECG, EMG and other signals). The respiration channels allow recording the respiration rate and the amplitude with simple and reliable airflow thermistor sensor.

Portable EEG System
The NeuroTrace Wireless EEG devices are ideal for outpatient EEG testing.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Software Components

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Digital EEG systems are modern high-tech electronic medical devices of high quality satisfying the most exacting requirements of wide circle of the customers starting from doctor in clinics and up to neurophysiologist-researcher.

High quality of EEG recording is achieved due to hardware and software solutions.

The mathematical processing of the received data includes brain mapping, spectral, coherent, periodometrical correlation analysis and automatic report generation.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Digital EEG systems can be supplied with the following options: polysomnography study, video monitoring, Dipole software for 3D localization, evoked potentials study, heart rate variability study, external unit for SpO2 and respiration recording.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG PSG software component allows performing comprehensive polysomnography studies (sleep stage analysis, analysis of sleep-disordered breathing) on digital EEG.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Video software component allows performing the long-term synchronous EEG and video recording from video cameras controlled from the computer and audio information. There are wide possibilities to review, edit and store the recorded data. (optional)

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG aEEG software allows aEEG calculating and displaying. It's applied in neonatology for early detection, diagnostics of the neonatal central nervous system (CNS) abnormalities and assessment of the brain maturation in premature infants. The 24-hour cerebral function monitoring is intended for the premature neonates with birth injuries or with CNS abnormalities. The cerebral function monitoring can be prescribed to adults, often the monitoring of comatose patients is performed to assess the CNS state.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG LEP software component allows recording long-latency auditory, visual (on flash and pattern), somatosensory and cognitive (P300, MMN, CNV) using EEG channels (up to 21 ones) with brain mapping.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Dipole software component is intended for 3-D dipole localization of pathological activity sources when suffering from epilepsy, injuries, insults, neoformations, and also localization of evoked potentials sources, wave patterns, rhythmic activity generators. It is recommended to use digital EEG systems with the number of channels not less than 16. The visualization of localization results is performed on three head views, diagrammatic sectional views of the brain structures.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG LORETA software component (Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography) is the popular and reliable tool for 3D representation of the electrical activity of human brain.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG EEG Recording

The NeuroTrace Wireless EEG software provides the EEG recording on any digital NeuroTrace Wireless EEG EEG system by 8 – 32 channels (up to 64 digital derivations).

During the recording monopolar, bipolar or mixed montages in “10-20” and “10-10” schemes can be used. Any polygraphic channels (ECG, EMG, EOG, breath (airflow, chest and abdominal movements), breath noise (snoring), body position, limb movement, SpO2*, etc.) can be included in montage.

The montage can be switched at any moment: before the recording, during the recording, in the process of EEG review and analysis after the recording.

It is possible to set different parameters for the different channels. For example, if you cannot delete the trend of EEG isoline in frontal derivations, you can specify the more high values of high pass filter only for these derivations. You can change the parameters of any channel in the process of the recording.

In split-screen mode you can observe the process of the recording in one part of the screen and review the recorded EEG in the other one.

The software allows performing the functional tests which are standard for EEG checkups (photic stimulation, auditory stimulation, hyperventilation, eyes opening). Besides, you can perform other functional tests of any duration and in any sequence.

The flexible possibilities of stimulators programming are available.

You can watch the process of EEG recording both from the computer connected to the digital EEG system or computer connected to the same local network. After EEG recording termination, EEG can be reviewed in the “as recorded” mode as if it emulates the paper record.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG SleepStudy PSG

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG PSG system complements digital EEG systems of NeuroTrace Wireless EEG by transforming EEG systems to polysomnographers. Long-term synchronous recording of EEG, polygraphic channels, video (optional) and audio information, sleep stage analysis and analysis of sleep-disordered breathing arrange a combination required for high-quality PSG study. The convenience and the simplicity for use make NeuroTrace Wireless EEG PSG an indispensable helper during PSG recording and scoring. This system provides new possibilities for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of such widespread diseases as essential hypertension, obesity, arrhythmias, infarctions, strokes.

Long-term recording of EEG, EMG, ECG, airflow, chest movements, abdominal movements, body position, snoring, SpO2, PPT, CPAP pressure, etc.

Automatic and manual sleep stage scoring, hypnogram creation, automatic calculation of large number of sleep parameters, construction of bar chart of sleep stage distribution

Automatic search and classification of apnea and hypopnea events, desaturation, snoring. Visualization of HR, body position, SpO2 trends

Calculation of indices of sleep-disordered breathing and desaturations, parameters of snoring, heart rate variability, change of body position both separately and considering sleep stage analysis

Generation of PSG exam report including graphic data (hypnogram, trends, sleep-disordered breathing, desaturation, snoring), calculation results of sleep parameters and sleep-disordered breathing parameters, bar charts of sleep stage distribution

Possibility of the synchronous recording of video (optional) and audio information with the further synchronous review

The portable patient unit allows a patient to feel herself/himself more comfortable during the night monitoring.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG EEG Analysis

The records can be analyzed with the use of the most modern techniques of mathematical analysis. Any fragment of the record or the whole record (with the division on epochs) can be processed.

As far as the digital EEG systems of NeuroTrace Wireless EEG allow EEG recording not only in 35 Hz standard range but also in the wider frequency range, then not only standard ranges (alpha, beta, delta and theta) but also any ranges specified by the user can be analyzed at spectral analysis.

Brain Mapping. The software allows mapping of practically any parameter: EEG amplitude and spectrum power in the whole frequency range, EEG amplitude and spectrum power in the specified frequency ranges, rhythm index, etc.

Search of spikes and sharp waves is done automatically. In the result of search the software provides the list of the detected phenomena and mapping of these phenomena distribution on scalp.

The software provides the possibility of EEG coherent and cross-spectral analyses performing and coherence maps generating.

After EEG mathematical analysis the software allows creating the automatically generated EEG description in checkup report. Besides, the doctor can edit the report at her/his discretion, add any pictures and graphs. At that you can use structured comprehensive glossary which can be enlarged.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG Trends software allows to display trends of spectrum components, EEG indexes, amplitude parameters of signals, HR, number and amplitude of epileptiphorm activity phenomena, etc. in any selected derivations.

NeuroTrace Wireless EEG is for research use only.

Biomarkers to aid for earlier detection of memory loss and dementia.